Marty Auriemma

Marty Auriemma


Northfield, Massachusetts

Favorite Hala board

Atcha 86

How many years have you been SUPing?

2 years

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Long time whitewater paddler here - thirty-six years in both kayak and canoe!  More recently, I felt the need for a new challenge, but what else would I do in the warmer months?  Stand-up paddling caught my attention and so, I purchased a Radito in the spring of 2022.  I was hooked!  I now also have an Atcha 86 and a Playa.  I love my Playa for workouts on flatwater and trips to the ocean, and find the Atcha and Radito really fun on my local whitewater run.  Admittedly, my skills are still very much a work in progress since I am teaching myself using my other whitewater skills for reference, but the journey has been so much fun for this 72 year old!