Alan Pace

Hometown: Cashmere, WA

Why I love to SUP and how I discovered it…

I grew up floating the river on tubes and rafts, and jumping off bridges and cliffs with my friends.  I love any excuse to get in the water.  After trying a friend’s board on a lake, I bought my first inflatable SUP and quickly realized it was a lot more cruising a river on a SUP than it is sitting on a raft.  After moving to a whitewater town, I got a fatter board and just went for it.  Whitewater SUP is now my favorite activity.  I even go in the middle of the winter if the river comes up.  There’s something about feeling the power of the water under my feet and on my paddle that makes me feel more connected to the earth than when I’m actually connected to the earth.  The challenge of standing through big rapids or surfing a wave keeps things interesting, and the occasional swim through rapids makes me feel young.

The body of water you’ll most likely find me on…

The Wenatchee River is amazing for whitewater SUP.  It’s pretty wide and deep, so there are a lot of good rapids with relatively low consequences if you swim.  There are also plenty of surf waves to be found.

Which boards I’m riding? Which one is my favorite? …

After spending a couple years on river using boards that were too flat to surf, and surf boards that were too small to run rapids, I finally discovered the Hala Atcha 86.  I love it for surfing and it does really well going down river through the rapids.  I also have the Atcha 96 for really big water and the Rado for family trips and taking first timers through the rapids.

My next dream paddling adventure is…

I really want to get into multi-day river trips.

What I do when I am not paddling?

When I’m not paddling, it’s usually because I fell off in the rapids. I just climb back on, and start paddling again.  I also do normal family stuff like watch my kids play soccer, and well as normal adult stuff like go to work as a high school art teacher.

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