StompBox 2.0 - Components


These parts will help ensure your StompBox 2 is springy and ready to drive your board.

--- Free Warranty Part: StompBox Spacer

- Does your fin sometimes get stuck?  The Spacer for the StompBox 2 can fix that!

Spare Parts:

- StompBox 2 Spring

--- Free if the Spacer somehow doesn't speed up your fin

- StompBox 2.0 - Cover

- StompBox 2.0 - Original Fin 9"

- StompBox 2.0 - Complete Kit 2024 - (Spacer + SpringFin included)

- StompBox Screws - 1.0 and 2.0 (set of 2)

- StompBox 2.0 Box

--- Upgrade your StompBox 2.0 with the 2024 SpringFin

- Made from more rigid plastic with an integrated spring, the StompBox SpringFin delivers the most drive and enhanced spring response of any StompBox to date. Upgrade your board in minutes!

All of these parts are built to fit the StompBox 2 (compatible with Hala river boards made in 2021 or later) and can be installed in minutes.

Please contact our customer service team any time at or (970) 550-7008 with further questions.

Easy Peasy

How to install the Spacer on your StompBox 2.0

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