Grafik River Carbon Travel 3-Piece Paddle

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LeverLock® Adjustable, High-Strength Carbon Shaft

Now in a 3-piece travel version!

This tough, adjustable paddle has been designed specifically for the river. The Grafik River Carbon paddle provides optimal bracing and maximum durability for high performance on whitewater descents. A slightly thicker shaft increases durability by 25% but is made with carbon for lightweight stiffness and high performance. Combine all that with our strongest blade and you’ve got the Grafik River Carbon paddle that is insanely burly and will help you have an epic run.
  • LeverLock® Adjustable Handle to fit all paddlers
  • Adjustable High-Strength Carbon Shaft
  • Weight:  2.11 lbs
  • 10 Ply CFRT Fibrlite™ Grafik Blade
  • Travel Paddle- Breaks down into three pieces

Need help sizing the paddle? We recommend extending your paddle arm straight up with a loose, relaxed shoulder (to keep it in a safe extension when paddling). You should adjust the LeverLock so that your wrist rests right over the top of the handle.
The River Carbon HS is the go-to for whitewater paddling. A slightly thicker high strength carbon shaft increases durability by 25% while still maintaining the extreme lightweight and durable properties of carbon. Combined with the LeverLock® adjustable handle, this paddle becomes custom to you and your needs. A 10 Ply CFRT Fibrlite™ Grafik Blade is our strongest composition to keep up with your burly expeditions. Check out the preferred river paddle by the company pushing the limits in whitewater SUP. Grab your River Carbon HS paddle for all your whitewater descents.

When split into three pieces, the longest piece measures 40" long.

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