Grafik River Carbon HS CTF SUP Paddle



Cut-to-Fit Custom-Size Paddle

The River Carbon HS CTF (Cut-To-Fit) SUP Paddle offers the same features found in the River Carbon HS SUP Paddle but in a lighter cut-to-fit version for paddlers who want rigidity in whitewater and some extra length for flatwater. (Or if you always use the same paddle length and never have to share with your buddy.)

This paddle features a high-strength carbon shaft, increasing durability by 25%, and maintains the extremely lightweight and durable properties of carbon. The 10 Ply CFRT Fibrlite™ Grafik Blade is our strongest paddle blade composition and keeps up with your burly expeditions.

This is the preferred river paddle by Hala Gear SUP - constantly pushing the limits in whitewater SUP with intentional design and cutting-edge tech. The River Carbon CTF includes a 6-inch adjustable lever lock t-grip, for quick + easy small adjustments, and installation is simple. CTF (cut-to-fit) saves weight over the standard version.

  • 10 Ply CFRT Fibrlite™ Grafik Blade
  • Weighs 30.7 ounces / 871 grams

Need help sizing the paddle? We recommend extending your paddle arm straight up with a loose, relaxed shoulder (to keep it in a safe extension when paddling), and cutting the paddle where your fingers meet the shaft. To ensure the paddle is the correct size for you, we do not ship paddles pre-cut.

We recommend cutting the paddle longer than you think you need at first, then trimming based on how it feels with the grip inserted. This paddle cannot be modified once it has been cut, so use care when determining your paddle length. 

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