Grafik Carbon SUP Paddle

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LeverLock® Adjustable Carbon Shaft

The Grafik Carbon paddle is a great performance focused, all-around, adjustable paddle. With a full carbon shaft, this paddle is extremely lightweight and durable. And the LeverLock® adjustable handle gives you the opportunity to fit the paddle  to your height. Get this high-performing adjustable paddle for all of your adventures.
  • LeverLock® Adjustable Handle
  • Adjustable Carbon Shaft
  • Weight: 2.11lbs
  • Adjusts from 70" to 86"
  • 7 Ply CFRT Fibrlite™ Grafik Blade

Need help sizing the paddle? We recommend extending your paddle arm straight up with a loose, relaxed shoulder (to keep it in a safe extension when paddling). You should adjust the LeverLock so that your wrist rests right over the top of the handle.

A high-performing adjustable paddle, the Grafik Carbon gives you versatility at the highest level. The full carbon shaft makes it extremely lightweight with the top of the line stiffness and rigidity. It’s LeverLock® adjustable handle provides versatility to fit paddlers from 5’2” to 6’6”. And a 7 Ply CFRT Fibrlite™ Grafik blade is tough for any adventure. This agile paddle provides versatility while still feeling personally custom made for you. Grab the Grafik Carbon high performing, adjustable paddle and hit the water.
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