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DESIGN – Inflatable vs. Hardboard

Inflatable vs. Hardboard Hala Gear January Newsletter

People message me all the time asking for advice on buying a paddle board, so I figured a blog post would be helpful.

Should I get an inflatable or a hard SUP (stand up paddle board)?”



SUP in Hawaii Hala Gear January Newsletter

Historically surfing has been deeply rooted in Hawaii. The Hawaiian word, He’enalu, breaks down to “He’e” meaning to change from a solid to a liquid form and “nalu” meaning a wave motion.


BETTER – New Year’s Resolution

 New Year's Resolution Hala Gear January Newsletter

Save some rivers! In the month of January, donate to American Whitewater or Friends of the Yampa or your local river advocacy non-profit! Donate and Hala will take the value of your donation (up to $200) off of your purchase of a new 2017 Hala board!

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