Shark II High Pressure SUP Pump



The easy-to-use OutdoorMaster Shark II High-Pressure Pump inflates boards in just 15 minutes.

To use:

  • Plug the 12V DC Connector to your car
  • Set the pressure dial to your desired PSI (15 PSI for all Hala Boards!)
  • Turn on the pump.
  • The AUTO-OFF FUNCTION turns the pump off when the target pressure is reached.

Use the OutdoorMaster Shark II High-Pressure Pump to deflate your board at the end of the day for painless pack-up.


  • Automatic dual-stage pump: 1st stage: MAXIMUM SPEED at 350L/min. 2nd stage: MAXIMUM PRESSURE at 70L/min.

  • AUTO-OFF FUNCTION turns the pump off when the desired pressure is reached. 

  • 12V DC CAR CONNECTOR --  Connects to your car's 12V DC connector with a 12A fuse for increased safety. 

  • FULL SET NOZZLES ATTACHMENTS - Comes with a full set of nozzles to fit a variety of inflatables, including C7 & H3 valves.

  • DIGITAL DISPLAY WITH REAL-TIME PRESSURE MONITORING - Use the digital display to set your desired pressure and monitor the pressure in real-time. 

  • ECO-FRIENDLY & TEST-APPROVED - The SHARK has gone through rigorous testing, has CA65 and CE certifications, and is made with durable, quality and eco-friendly materials.

  • 90-DAY WARRANTY against any manufacturer defects.

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Customer Reviews

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James M.
Awesome pump - I had

Awesome pump - I had to buy a second so that I can have one pumping from the front of my van and one the back at the same time I liked it that much :D

Robert M.
Great product. Only used a

Great product. Only used a couple of times so far, but night and day compared to the Manuel pump!

Anthony A.
Love the auto shut off.

Love the auto shut off. Sure beats hand pumping.

Gregory M.
I’ve used it a few

I’ve used it a few times and once it was turning off prematurely again and again at 1psi but eventually worked well after that. Nice that you can set it to a target psi and it then shuts off automatically. Great for deflating as well.

Izabella W.
Just buy it, thank me later.

Great pump! I should become a rep for this company because I've already had 6 people buy this pump based on my recommendation...