Tyler Voas

Tyler Voas


San Diego, California

Favorite Hala board

Carbon Nass-T

How many years have you been SUPing?

8 years

Which SUP discipline(s) can we find you competing in this year?

Flatwater Racing, Triathlon, Ocean Surf, Ocean Racing

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I started SUP with my long time friend and competitor 10 years ago after competing in other distance type races and fell in love with the sport. I work in sports full time as an athletic trainer and love being able to compete. I have been racing and looking for the next adventure and extreme ever since I started. With my friend, Jeremy, we have raced in local San Diego events and multiple events up in Orange County like the Pacific Paddle Games and recently at the Team USA trials last year.

When we aren’t racing we are paddling around Coronado island. Competing all of these years and seeing the top of the field I always looked forward to having that opportunity, being a part of Hala Gear is so exciting going into this year and competing in the Team USA trials and California River Quest. Being a part of this team is more than just competing but an opportunity to take my love of the sport and spread it to my community along with my friend and make a sport that allows us to pursue our competitive spirit to the next level.