Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker


Eugene, Oregon

Favorite Hala board


How many years have you been SUPing?

8 years

Which SUP discipline(s) can we find you competing in this year?

Whitewater Racing, Flatwater Racing, Ocean Racing

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I grew up in a small beach town on the Jersey Shore. My passion and love for the ocean and water started at age 4 when my uncle pushed me into my first wave on his surfboard. I surfed, skateboarded and kayaked mostly in my youth. Won a local tandem kayak race in my 20's paddling with my uncle on a crappy old Ocean Kayak. I love paddling it keeps me grounded and connected to nature and my environment. In my early 40's I was in search of a new water sport and paddled my first SUP. I was hooked instantly!

I eventually progressed to inflatable boards so I could have them in my car at all times when I traveled for work. Ate it on the river a few too many times in low water and was super frustrated. I searched online and found Hala and their patented Stompbox. Thank you Peter Hall! An amazing invention. Now I feel like I have a super power while I'm cruising down or up a river. :) Finding Hala inspired me to open Uprising Paddleboard Company which is my mobile/on-line shop. My goal is to get as many people as I can on the water paddling Hala boards!!

This is my first year as a Hala Team Rider and I'm super excited to start competing in races here in the western US and to work with my local watersheds to promote, educate and raise awareness. We must clean up this planet for our children and future generations.

Lastly, I turn 50 this year and it is my goal to compete in the California River Quest 50 mile event next year and to get Whitewater Certified with the ACA so I can start running tours down the amazing McKenzie River.