Ben Thornton

Ben Thornton

Job Title 

Gear Expert


Bremen, Indiana

What type of SUP do you like to do? 

Whitewater, River, Lakes/Flatwater

Where is your favorite place to SUP? 

Anywhere on the Western Slope

Which board(s) are you riding? 


Tell us about your favorite paddling experience.

My first river surf was on a Radito, I went into the day not expecting to succeed and was ecstatic when I hooked on my first wave!

What do you do when you are not on a SUP? 

Raft, Kayak, Backpack

Bonus Sentiments From Ben

I started my journey into whitewater working as a rafting guide on the Colorado River, eventually taking my talents south and doing a season in Australia. Following my return I started to look for ways to move away from commercial guiding, and eventually I found my way here to the team at Hala.

Since joining the Hala team I have gained a much greater appreciation for SUP, as well as starting my journey into whitewater kayaking. Any day of the week I am liable to be working from my car, running rapids and getting chundered, or floating on a lake listening to the birds.