Hala Peno 2 + 3


 | 6'11" X 32" X 2"+ 3"

The innovatively designed Hala Gear Peño 2 + 3 inflatable SUP stands apart from all other river surfers. Hala Gear’s patented DoubleStack™ Technology gives the Hala Peno a 2” step-down rail comparable to a short surfboard. This gives surfers the sharpest rail of any inflatable SUP, maximizing carving performance.

The duckbill nose shape (previously only found on playboat whitewater kayaks) prevents pearling the nose on steep river waves. From stomping ollies to carving hard, this spicey park and play SUP  is a freestyle machine - bound to solidify your belief in the capabilities of inflatables!

"It's more nimble and lower to the water than the 3"+3" model and is more fun overall. The bottom of the board has such a great hull shape and it was thoroughly enjoyed..."

- Jeremiah Williams

diamond groove 4mm eva deck pad. padded step-flat center handle. raised foot index. tail d ring. 2


  • Included with SUP: Backcountry Rolling Backpack, Hand Pump, Fins and a Repair Kit
  • SUP Shape: Patented DoubleStack Technology with 2” Low Volume Stepdown Rail, Surf Rocker and Flat Tail
  • Fins: Five 4.5” Side-Bite Hard Click Fins
  • Thick Fusion Construction w/ Welded Rails
  • Step-Flat Soft Center Handle for easy transport
  • Diamond Groove 4mm EVA Deck Pad with 1.5” Raised Stomp Pad and a Raised Foot Index
  • Industry-leading 5-Year Warranty

What's in the Kit

  • Hand Pump

    Hand Pump

  • Side Bite Fins


  • Rolling Backpack

    Rolling Backpack

  • Repair Kit

    Repair Kit

Board dimensions: 6'11


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