Stabond Adhesive


Stabond Adhesive is the gold standard when it comes to PVC adhesive. Tried and true, this PVC/Urethane adhesive with accelerator dries patches to river-readiness in just a few short hours. 

Stabond 8 & 4 oz Features:

  • Mix glue with accelerator at 10 parts glue to 1 part accelerator.
  • PVC and Urethane adhesive
  • Comes with accelerator
  • 1 Year Shelf-Life
  • 8oz
  • 4oz

Pro Tip: While its most effective when used with PVC, Stabond can also be used to bond PVC to rubber (Hypalon, neoprene, etc). However, when bonding rubber to rubber, Clifton Hypalon Adhesive is your best choice.

Stabond use + application instructions here.

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