Peter Hall

Peter Hall

Job Title 



Steamboat Springs, Colorado

What type of SUP do you like to do? 

Whitewater, River Surf, Ocean, Ocean Surf, Lakes/Flatwater, Multi-Day/Expedition

Where is your favorite place to SUP? 

I love paddling rivers that wind through desert canyons. I love paddling any river where the walls rise up quickly next to the water. It is magical. I also just love paddling, and I love my hometown run on the Yampa in Steamboat!

Which board(s) are you riding? 

My go-to board is the Atcha 86--it has the perfect blend of playfulness and stability for me. I use the Atcha 711 for surfier and less technical whitewater--that thing lets you jib your way down the river!

Tell us about your favorite paddling experience.

Among my favorite paddling experiences was paddling the White Salmon River in Washington. That place is magical. A dam was removed about 10 years ago and the river is now thriving. The whitewater is technical and the rocks are smooth and the place is lush with life.

What do you do when you are not on a SUP? 

I love to ski and I love to explore and look for powder. I love exploring rivers in all seasons, and I love spending time with my kids out in the wilderness--their excitement and new eyes keep the experience fresh!

Additional Sentiments From Peter

Creating boards for whitewater SUP has been my goal for over a decade now. I have been honing in on shapes and technology that make paddling the river more fun. I have heard from people around the world who have used our boards to create some of the best days of their lives. It is exciting to be helping drive a young sport to new heights and to empower people to explore for themselves, in their own way. I love the freedom that paddling the river gives me and I am happy that the products we work so hard to create allow us to share that freedom with the world.