Josh Karzen

Josh Karzen

Job Title 

Sales & GearSpace


Steamboat Springs, Colorado

What type of SUP do you like to do? 

I kayak!

Where is your favorite place to SUP? 

The Yampa River

Which board(s) are you riding? 

I've been paddling the Pyranha Scorch lately.

Tell us about your favorite paddling experience.

4 way tie between OBJ, Gauley, NF Payette, and the Marsyangdi. All great adventures!

What do you do when you are not on a SUP? 

Love skiing pow, riding the MTB, and romping around the high alpine!

Final Thoughts From Josh

Love the culture at Hala. A group of passionate outdoors enthusiasts who are as driven to deliver for the customer as they are to get after their own outdoor ambitions. Grateful to be a part of it!