Why Hala Stand Up Paddle Boards?

+ Highest Quality Material
+ Performance Shape Inflatable
+ Progressive Shape Inflatable Rocker
+ Rocker Stiffening Stringer
+ Unbreakable Universal Fin Box
+ Flex Fins
+ Removable Click Fins
+ Toughest 6” Drop Stitch
+ Precise Sidewall Reinforcement
+ Double Reinforced D-Rings
+ Removable Kayak Seat and Foot Bar






Performance Shape Inflatable™ (PSI)

You want your board to perform at the highest level possible so the versatility can match your appetite for adventure. Precise rocker and shapes make the board more  fun, and they take more time and money to create. We are willing to throw down for that.

Precise Sidewall Reinforcement

Perfect blend of durability and performance. Our sidewalls use two PVC layers specifically manufactured for superior air holding. Unlike typical PVC tarpaulin, the specialized sidewall material features internal fibers coated in liquid PVC before incorporation with the outer PVC layer, making the layers more durable and resilient than ever before.

Removable Click Fins

Now you can choose to remove your side fins, and can use any tab-style fin with this box.  Click in – click out, no tools needed. Click it in for flat water or surf, lock it down with grub screws for whitewater use.


The first-ever spring-loaded fin system that retracts upon contact with submerged rocks and then instantly springs back into fin operation. This innovation alleviates the dreaded “supermanning,” or flying off the board due to abrupt stops when fins strike shallow rocks.

Raised Foot Index

A central index that lets you know where your foot is on the board, and allows you to find the stringer lines for optimal control and balance.

Travel-tough Rolling Backpack

Designed in house by Hala Gear, the board bag gets a new look and improved features.
Rolling wheels make transportation easier, re-designed shoulder straps and hip belt result in more comfortable carrying of the board. Improved zipper outline make packing your board up less of a hassle.

Designed in Colorado Logo

We make everything with quality and care, and that is why everything we make is designed by our team in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.



Other Features

Rocker Stiffening Stringer

Every Hala board features a rocker stiffening stringer. This material is fixed to the board to maintain the progressive rocker profile, increase the stiffness, and allow the board to respond immediately (eliminating lag time) when steering from the stomp pad.


Unbreakable Universal Fin Box

Hala boards come with an unbreakable universal fin box and a flex fin, so you can use any surf fin you like. Unbreakable means you can lend it out or let the kids take it with no worries.


Flexible, Unbreakable Fins

The removable center flex fins are made of 100% TPU, and allow you to choose fin configurations based on the water you paddle. The side bites (2 or 4) are fixed to the board, and are unbreakable and flexible. Go wherever you want – these fins can handle it!

Drop Stitch

The material used in Hala boards is the highest quality PVC and highest thread count drop stitch, making our boards tough and amazingly rigid. Inside each board, thousands of strings connect the top and bottom deck, allowing the board to maintain its shape.


Stand Up Paddle Board Drop Stitch