We are Hala Gear.

We are rigged for adventure.

We believe inflatables are the future.

We believe quality should never be compromised and durability is always built in.

We believe in safety first.

We believe everyone should have access to their local waterways and we support Friends of the Yampa River on other conservation and preservation nonprofits.

We encourage you to leave your desks to paddle, play, roam, and adventure as much as possible.

We believe that SUP paddling is for everyone.

We believe that water was meant to be played on, whether it’s frozen or not.

We believe you shouldn’t go down a river without a paddle.

We believe that when you are choosing your new board, go with your gut – you are going to have fun no matter what!

We believe color makes everything better.

We believe dogs make great co-pilots.

Since 2011, Hala Gear has been constantly pushing the boundaries of design and innovation in the inflatable space to make your adventures better.

Pick your ride, and paddle on!

Hala! Peter Hall – Founder








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  • Lisa Braun

    Do the new 2017 boards still have the foot rest for use with the kayak seat attachment? Why did you move from 8 d-rings to 4 soft rings on the Playa?

  • Chris Cohen

    Hey Peter,

    This is Chris Cohen, Roddy Beall’s really short friend who used to come to Steamboat all the time. I have been thinking about buying a SUP for a while and I was wondering what you would recommend for someone tiny like me?

    I would really appreciate your advice.


    • Hala Gear

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for reaching out! It’s great to hear from you. I think that the Rival Straight up would be a great fit for you and your height :) It is a great all around and you’ll be able to maneuver and have good control. Feel free to email sup@halagear.com with any questions or more information! Thanks again Chris,



  • Angela Tonozzi

    what is the best way to store my board in the winter? will it hurt it to hang it while deflated?

    • Hala Gear

      That will work just fine! Happy paddling!

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