Sam Salwei

Hometown: Location Independant

Why I love to SUP and how I discovered it…
I am always looking for the next challenge. I found SUP through Acrobatics and Yoga. For over 10 years I have been discovering new ways to share my passions for Yoga, Acrobatics and Slacklining, the SUP is a natural progression to this! We are able to use the SUP for many forms of Play and Adventure. The Inflatable SUP has proved essential in our quest to set up some of the most epic Waterlines (slacklines over water) in the world, from remote islands off the coast of New Caledonia to waterfall pools in NZ.

The body of water you’ll most likely find me on…
I travel the world from remote tropical islands to the the frigid rivers and lakes in both hemispheres the Hala SUP allows us to explore all of this worlds wet places.

Which boards I’m riding? Which one is my favorite? …
I love the Asana and when we need a expedition worthy board the Atcha is where its at!

My next dream paddling adventure is…
We are on a quest to set as many waterlines as possible every line requires a paddle approch!

What I do when I am not paddling?
I spend 6 months of the year traveling in the #PeaceLoveCar teaching Slackro (Slackline inspired acrobatics) and slacklining across North America. The other 6 months are spent teaching and Playing in Asia, Europe and Oceania!

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