Sam Mauldin

Hometown: San Antonio, TX / Masatepe, Nicaragua

I discovered SUP while searching for a lightweight vessel to make a 100 mile trip down a local river. That expedition sparked an obession with self supported SUP trips in remote areas as well as the allure of doing something no one else has ever done. Since then I have a few notable first descents under my belt including:

– First SUP descent of the Guadalupe River to the Gulf of Mexico (110 miles)

#TX100MileStand threw us a curve ball on the first night when it flash flooded and rose 25ft almost taking out our camp while we slept in our hammocks. We also had to fight through thousands of yards of unpassable log jams, swarms of mosquitos and 30mph cross winds while crossing the bay.

-First SUP descent of the Rio Grande through Big Bend NP (100 miles)
This trip was the opposite of our first when we found ourselves in the middle of a 9 year long drought and found no water in the river. Between dragging our fully loaded boards over boulders for approx 20 miles of the 100, braving the 100° days and 30° nights we soldiered on to complete our goal after 7 days on the water.

-#StandOnTheRioGrande was also nominated for Expedition of the year at the SUP Awards.

-Self-supported down 150 miles through the remote jungles of Nicaragua to document the river for the first time as well as to find the needs of the indigenous Miskito people of the area.

You can most likely find me paddling anywhere on the 250 miles stretch of the Guadalupe River through Texas at anytime of the year

Which boards I’m riding? Which one is my favorite? … I ride the Hoss, Straight up and Nass. I Prefer the Hoss because of its stability and the variety of disciplines you can use it for, be it Expeditions, Fishing (spear or rod and reel) whitewater or just a day on the water with the family.

What I do when I am not paddling? When not paddling, you can usually find me on a rock face somewhere in the world sport climbing or even big wall. The rest of the time I love to Backpack, Travel, Kiteboard, Spear fish, Scuba dive or Surf all throughout Nicaragua, Mexico or the US

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