Jeremiah Williams

Rowlett, TX- Live in Vail, CO

Why I love to SUP and how I discovered it…
As a white water raft guide, I am always looking for new and exciting ways to make my way down the river. When river paddle boarding started I saw an opportunity to take a new sport to it’s limits. While there are so many amazing decents being accomplished on boards these days, I still enjoy pushing my own skill and endurance level.

The body of water you’ll most likely find me on…
The Colorado River, and most likely the Shoshone section. Rarely do you find a section that runs the majority of the year, with back to back class III you can lap all day, and quite possibly the easiest shuttle ever. I estimate I’ve run this section nearly 1000 times in rafts, kayaks, duckies, and paddle boards and I still enjoy finding creative ways to make my way down this classic stretch of white water.

Which boards I’m riding? Which one is my favorite? …
Honestly, I wish I had a 10 board quiver of Hala awesomeness! However, if I had to narrow it down, I would take an Atcha (with the stomp box) for whitewater and all around fun, the Peno for river surfing, and I’m really excited about the new Team Rado for going fast in downriver as well as SUP cross races.

My next dream paddling adventure is…
Anywhere new. It could be in Colorado, another state, or another country. I love seeing new rivers and figuring out how to navigate them on a paddle board.

What I do when I am not paddling?
Train for paddling. As a member of the Mens US National Whitewater Raft team, training is basically year round. Theres always an event or race just a few short months away. Spending time in the gym keeping those key muscles ready to paddle is necessary to avoid injury and excel in whitewater. I also love to ski, bike, hike and pretty much any sport we can enjoy outdoors.

Social Media:
Facebook: Jeremiah Williams
Instagram: @jeremiahwill1 @usmensraftteam


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