Jason Kopp

Hometown: Lapeer, MI

Why I love to SUP and how I discovered it…
I love to SUP because I love the SUP community, and my favorite place to be is on the water. I also love the diversity of the sport, with options from river running and surfing to touring, racing and yoga. I discovered SUP because a friend bought me a SUP lesson as a birthday present after I kept complaining that driving three hours to the ocean was too far to surf. Little did I know I would soon learn to surf on my local river 20 minutes from home.

The body of water you’ll most likely find me on…
DC’s jewel, the Potomac!

Which boards I’m riding? Which one is my favorite? …
I’m riding the Atcha for whitewater. The 9’6” for big water and the 8’6” for creeky runs. For whitewater racing and touring adventures, I go to the Nass 12’6”. The Atcha is an amazing all around board, so it’s my favorite currently. Not only does it stomp advanced whitewater, but it also surfs quite well. In addition, the stability of the Atcha makes it ideal for beginners and for yoga.

My next dream paddling adventure is…
To run the Upper Navua River canyon in Fiji, and then hang out on the coast and surf for a while.

What I do when I am not paddling?
I’m planning my next adventure, defending community interests in SW DC for water access and recreation, learning languages, jamming on my keyboard, snowboarding, onewheeling, or figuring out if living on a boat can be any cooler than it already is.

Social Media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/capitan.fritz
Instagram: @jfkopp
Twitter: @koppdc


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