Elise Reynolds

Hometown: Minturn, Colorado

What you love about Hala Gear: Being a traveler, and a lover of mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans, it has always been important for me to have a board that could do everything. I love the stability of the Hala boards when I practice yoga and teach my classes. The Hala Atcha is my fave for yoga, but I also love the Straight Up and the Hoss. They are not only stable, but they are easy to grip and all of my students love them. The mobility of being able to pack them up and travel wherever my partner and I please makes them even better. Whether we are in the ocean around Hawaii, or going down the Colorado River, or teaching on the lakes around Vail, I truly have never found a board I liked better than these.

Favorite Spot to Paddle: Mountain lakes, it makes it easier to go through a flow.

Occupation: Yoga Teacher, 970 Design Account Manager

Social Media:

Website: www.yogasnowlove.com

Instagram: @yoga_snow_love


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