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Releasable SUP Leash  – 7′ & 9′
Releasable SUP Leash  – 7′ & 9′Releasable SUP Leash  – 7′ & 9′Releasable SUP Leash  – 7′ & 9′

Releasable SUP Leash – 7′ & 9′


Convertible Quick Release and Ankle Leash

River, Moving Water AND Flat Water
Available in 7’ and 9’

No need to buy two leashes! Perfect for paddlers looking for versatility, this unique design features 2 different attachment options.

Option 1: a releasable leash with the sailing shackle and locking carabiner which allows you to attach to your PFD. With a simple pull of the shackle ball you can release the leash from your PFD and swim safely away.

Or Option 2: Convert the leash to an ankle leash by attaching the ankle cuff to the same sailing shackel. Boom, you have a great leash to use on flat water and surf environments.

The coiled body is great for no-drag, and keeps the leash out of your way as you walk the line of your board or throw a brace. It also keeps you safe from catching passing branches or rocks. 2 lengths gives you options. The shorter 7’ leash is better for river specific use and river surfing as it keeps you closer to your board if you fall in. The 9’ leash is good for more down river expedition paddlers using bigger boards or all-around crossover paddlers who want to also convert it for alternate uses. Pick and choose what you want with this innovative leash.

  • Coiled Body
  • Sailing Shackle
  • PFD Quick Release
  • 2 Attachment Options

**Recommended for whitewater and all-around boards such as Atcha, Atcha 86, Daze, Fame, Gram, Luya, Milligram, Peño, Straight Up, Hoss, Rado, and Radito in whitewater conditions


Product Description

SUP Tip For Safe Playtime
**A leash is an important tool when it comes to paddleboarding. But as with any tool, knowledge of proper use in different environments is required to gain the benefits without compromising safety. It is very important to note that one should never use an ankle leash on a river or fast water as it hinders your ability to swim effectively and is difficult to release. This can be detrimental and even fatal. For moving water safety, please check out our leash safety.

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7′ Releasable Leash / 7mm Coiled, 9′ Releasable Leash / 7mm Coiled


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