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Hala Peño

5 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
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River Surfer / Park & Play Surfboard

6’11” x 32” x DoubleStack™ 3”+ 3”

The 2017 Peño has been completely recreated to be the best park and play inflatable on the market. Whether it’s a long, fast wave or a steep, thrashy hole, the Peño will dominate like no other freestyle surfer.

With design inspiration from new school river SUPs and a playboat kayak, the Hala Peño has a tip-to- tail full rocker that keeps the nose from pearling while surfing and is the only high volume inflatable river surfer that also supplies 3” low volume rails with our patent-pending DoubleStack™ construction. Ride the thinnest railed inflatable that will carve, perform and freestyle like a hardboard.

  • New For 2017
  • Core Construction™
  • Patent Pending DoubleStack™ Construction
  • Full Rocker
  • Responsive Board Shape
  • Squaretail
  • Diamond Groove 4mm EVA Deck Pad
  • 1.5” Raised Stomp Pad
  • 5 Removable Gummy Site Bite Click Fins
  • Backcountry Rolling Backpack
  • Industry leading 3 Year Warranty

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Product Description

The Hala Peño is bringing all new elements into action.

The patent-pending DoubleStack™ construction divides the board into two sections giving this high volume board the rail benefits of a hardboard surfer. The wider 3” bottom chamber provides an edge to delve into the wave with precision while the stacked 3” top chamber gives you a sturdy platform to base from.

A 32-inch width creates stability as you paddle downriver to your next play feature, but stays quick and responsive in the wave. And a 6’11” length gives you a smooth ride that can take on larger waves while still fitting into those smaller pockets. Pair that with a full rocker and you’ll have a fast ride on this responsive, ding-free and travel-ready freestyle board.

Board Tech Details – We’re obsessed to deliver the best!


Full Rocker 
he full rocker is tip-to-tail keeping the nose from pearling. Paired with the DoubleStack™ construction you get a board that highlights the 3” rail. Learn more about Hala’s rockers
Core Construction™
These board can take a serious beating and you can keep on cruising with our burly Double-Layer Drop Stitch material. How do we make our boards so rugged? A second layer of thick, liquid PVC is poured over the raw drop stitch material for the best abrasion resistance available. Burly material for a burly board on your burly adventure. Learn more about Hala’s board construction.
Patent Pending DoubleStack™ Construction
Gives you two chambers of air in your inflatable for twice the performance.
3” Bottom Rail Creates the highest performing, carviest, amazlingly responsive, most hardboard-like inflatable freestyle river surfer made… ever. 3” Top Chamber Gives you a sound platform keeping you out of the water and in control.Learn more about Hala’s board construction.
32” Width
Provides stability as you paddle downriver to your next play feature.
6’11” Length
The short length lets you sneak into small pockets that no one else can fit in.

A squared off, blunt tail adds stability while still keeping it responsive and maneuverable. Learn more about Hala’s Shapes.
Leash D-Ring
A triple reinforced D-ring is located on the back of the board to attach your leash onto. But remember, using a leash properly requires knowledge and attention.
Foot index
Located just before the stomp pad is raised EVA on your deck pad. It is a small, centralized rectangle so you can easily step your foot back to the center of the board without ever taking your eyes off the water.
Stomp Pad
A 1.5” stomp pad allows for precise control and maneuverability of your board.
Ding-Free & Travel Ready Board
A board that can go anywhere, this board packs up and rolls out with you. Combined with any of our travel paddles, you’ll have the ultimate, portable setup for adventure.
3-Year Warranty
The best in the business. We’re confident about the capability and durability of our boards. That’s why we’re willing to back it with an industry-leading 3-year warranty. So you can trust, we’ve got your back.
Designed in Steamboat Springs, CO
All of our products are designed right here in the Yampa Valley. To learn more about the Hala Headquarters and our awesome employees check out our page.

Additional Information


6’11” | 185 CM


32″ / 81 cm


3″ + 3″ / 15 cm


25 LBS / 11 kg


224 L

Best for

River Surfer / Park & Play Surfboard

Drop Stitch

Double-Layer Drop Stitch

Stiffening Tech

PVC Stringer

Center fin


Side Bite Fins

5x – 4.5″ Side Bite Click Fins



Deck Pad

Diamond Groove

Stomp Pad + Foot Index

Stomp Pad + Foot Index


Backcountry Rolling Backpack










3 Year Warranty

What's In The Bag?

3 reviews for Hala Peño

  1. 5 out of 5


    The Peño, my go-to river surfer. It’s rigid, responsive, quick, and bomber. Don’t worry about shallow rivers and rocky bottoms with the indestructible 4 and 1 fin system.
    But it’s more than a river surfer, it’s a low volume down river runner for narrow pool drop rapids. Smaller paddlers will love it as their daily river runner.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I love this board. SUPER maneuverable!! Just a blast to ride. If you plan on hitting any fast moving rivers you should be on this board! Hands down fun in Whitewater. Not great for flatwater. Ride the boards how they are meant to be ridden GET A QUIVER!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I’m a big fan of the Hala Peno! It had me laughing all the way down the river, making me feel like a little kid again! It’s great for river surfing and for short, smaller paddlers like me. It turns on a dime and is now my go to board for teaching SUP Yoga as I can paddle around my students quickly. It’s still the perfect length for plank pose and a complete blast in rapids!

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