Hala Hoss Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Hala Hoss Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boardhoss2Hala Hoss Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardHala Hoss Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


5.00 out of 5 based on 12 customer ratings
(12 customer reviews)


The Hoss ( 10’10 x 35″ x 6″ ) is Hala’s larger all – around SUP with amazing stability and quick agility. Big and stable, but still has the right rocker for maneuverability.
Paddlers love the versatility of Hala’s all around boards. Great rigs for lakes, rivers, ocean and perfect for families, whitewater, raft trips, fishing, and multiple riders. A great board for all kinds of skill levels.

+ Hala’s larger all around board
+ Full – length traction pad
+ Raised stomp pad at the tail for control
+ 9 reinforced stainless D-rings for rigging
+ An uber – stable fishing platform
+ Removable 4” side bite click fins
+ Flexible 8” flex fin in an unbreakable fin box
+ All Hala boards use the toughest drop stitch available

Kayak seat attachment points included

Note: Sky Blue Hoss Limited Edition – while supplies last

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Product Description

New For 2016

PSI – Performance Shape Inflatable™

You want your board to perform at the highest level possible so the versatility can match your appetite for adventure. Precise rocker and shapes make the board more fun, and they take more time and money to create. We are willing to throw down for that.

Precise Sidewall Reinforcement

Our sidewalls use two PVC layers specifically manufactured for superior air holding. Unlike typical PVC tarpaulin, the specialized sidewall material features internal fibers coated in liquid PVC before incorporation with the outer PVC layer, making the layers more durable and resilient than ever before.

Click Fin Box

Now you can choose to remove your side fins, and can use any tab-style fin with this box. Click in – click out, no tools needed. Click it in for flat water or surf, lock it down with grub screws for whitewater use.

Raised Foot Index

A central index that lets you know where your foot is on the board, and allows you to find the stringer lines for optimal control and balance.

Travel-tough Rolling Backpack

Designed in house by Hala Gear, the board bag gets a new look and improved features.
Rolling wheels make transportation easier, re-designed shoulder straps and hip belt result in more comfortable carrying of the board. Improved zipper outline make packing your board up less of a hassle.

Additional Information

Length 10’10” | 330CM
Width 35” | 89CM
Thickness 6” | 15CM
Weight 32LB | 15KG
Volume 348L
Fins Center: 8” Flex Fin, Side: 4” Click Fins, Unbreakable Fin Box


12 reviews for Hoss

  1. 5 out of 5


    Wow! What a ride. We had so much fun on this board, took it out on the lake, the kids played on it, and I love paddling it when I can get it back from them. Super stable, and easy to carry and move around for a person like me, a mom of 2. Definitely would recommend this to anyone.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I do want to tell you that I am really enjoying my Hoss BT a ton. I had it out in the ocean this past weekend four times (and once in the bay) down in Avalon, NJ and it was amazing. The board is great in the ocean and very stable in the waves.

    I was lucky enough on Saturday morning to see a bunch of dolphins having a feast on some bait fish. I tried to get some pictures, but only got a few good ones. I hope to get back out this coming weekend and continue to enjoy my Hoss BT and hopefully get close to some more dolphins. Thanks Hala!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Thought I would report back that I tried out the Hala Atcha, Hala Hoss BT, Hala Straight Up, Badfish MCiT, and the Badfish MVP. The Hoss BT won for me. Super stable, confidence boosting, and surprisingly agile for it’s size even with a cooler strapped to the bow! The other boards were fun and the MVP was awesome for surfing but man does it hurt when you fall on that thing and bash your shins.

    For what I will be doing (mostly river running and some flat water touring as well as some traveling, overnight raft trips) I thought the Hoss was the overall best package. After trying all the boards on small waves I am convinced if river surfing is your main motive then the hard boards not inflatable boards are the way to go. Man was it a blast on grizzly. SUPing made the class II rapids the funnest they have ever been!

  4. 5 out of 5


    This board is very stable, which is just what I was looking for in a SUP. I have taken it on lakes, mellow rivers, and through some of the rapids in Yampa River. No matter the situation, the board felt stable and agile for me. It is also a great board for taking your dogs on the river. My German Shepherd needs swim breaks every now and again, and the board fits him on there with more than enough space for me. This board is durable, and I am beyond happy with the quality of my purchase!

  5. 5 out of 5


    I needed an inflatable board that could be deflated each time for quick storage in my gear filled, packed garage. I also needed a board that could handle still and moving water, and was large enough to bring my dog along. This board fits the bill.

    This board has an area with bungee like cords at the front which easily hold my water, sunscreen, and other odds and ends. There are a good amount of O rings scattered around the sides which in the future could be good places to tie down things such as a cooler or fishing gear. The board is made of very nice material and I am not afraid of tears or anything like that. The overall quality of the board is top notch. When inflated, the board is easy to carry, tucked under your arm, holding the handle in the center of the board. The included car pump is very nice to have in order to start the inflation process. After you inflate with the car pump, you need to use the included hand pump between 100-200 pumps to fully inflate. The process seemed cumbersome at first, but now I can get the board set up in about 15 minutes total. My only suggestion would be to make the car pump power cord significantly longer.

    The first couple of times I used the board it was a little scary being away from the shore area. Once I gained some confidence, it became easier to maneuver, steer, and move around the lake on. I can now confidently walk around on the board now and it seems as though there is very little tendency for the board to shift suddenly. I have been out in all types of conditions now, and I can say that once you learn this SUP it’s amazing how much fun it is. I am now getting out paddling several days a week.

    My lab seems to be coming around to the idea of sitting on the board and cruising around too. At first he would rock the board and it would feel like I was going to topple. I fell a couple of times, but each time I fell onto the board and not into the water. The top of the board is cushioned and the falls do not hurt. My lab now can jump off and on while on the lake without capsizing me.

    I am happy with this purchase. The only problem is that I don’t have two. It’s really tough to share a SUP with your wife, so I would recommend buying two if you are a married man like myself.

    Amazing board – automatic 5 out of 5 stars.

  6. 5 out of 5


    I own a great touring SUP and often get to borrow many other different kinds of boards to try, but I generally ignored inflatable paddleboards. However, when two of my crazy friends decided to plan a mini paddling expedition down the Battenkill River (VT/NY), we knew that inflatable boards were our only option for making it through the class-II whitewater trip.

    I paddled the Hoss BT. Wow! Seriously an awesome board! A couple weeks prior to the trip, I took it on some small lakes and ponds in my area to get a good feel for it. I noticed the stability right off the bat, thanks to the 35″ width. I’m used to paddling much narrower boards, but the amount of space the Hoss provided for all my gear was absolutely amazing (thank you, D-rings!).

    I have to admit that just inflating the board with the hand pump is a workout on its own; but to its credit, the board’s PSI level remained consistent throughout the duration of the trip. Because the Battenkill was very shallow is some parts, I paddled without the fin, using only the side bites – which are indestructible! I cannot emphasize how well-made this board is. It survived all the insane “detours” of my trip – too many portages to count: overs, unders, strainers, going through a marsh as well as a densely forested area (in which a machete would have been handy), dragging down a narrow and winding trail in order to avoid a 20-foot dam, etc. I never even had to pull out my emergency duct tape!

    So, if you want a board that does it all, there’s no such thing. But if you want a board that’s really close to doing it all, the Hoss BT is it. It tracks well and turns with ease, is very stable and spacious, is portable and, most importantly, durable. I think it could even survive a zombie apocalypse (okay, well, don’t quote me on that). Five stars.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Wow…this board. So many great things to say about this board and this company, but I’ll focus on the Hoss BT.

    I purchased this board with the intent of using it in the reservoirs and rivers of Colorado, but shortly after my purchase, my wife and I relocated to the beaches of Southern Spain. I use my Hala Hoss BT almost every day and it’s perfect for everything from tours with my 70lb lab-mix pup to catching late morning Atlantic surf sets – and anything in between. I’m a larger (6’3″, 200lb) gear junkie who appreciates good quality products and this board is great! I have both of the center fins (8″ Flex fin and 4″ Gummy Fin), so I tend to use the gummy fin while surfing and switch in the flex fin for touring or flatwater paddling. They’re easy to change and there is some fore-aft movement within the fix box, so you can set the fins where you’d like. Despite it’s larger size and super-stable width, the Hoss BT remains incredibly nimble. I can spin this board much quicker and easier than other, smaller, non-Hala SUPs that I have tried but somehow it stills manages to track really well in a straight line. This board is also large and buoyant enough that my wife can lay on the front while I paddle her around.

    The materials and construction used for all Hala Boards seems to be really top notch. After 4 months of regular and consistent use, by Hoss BT still looks and feels new. I’m never worried about damaging it and the graphics, footpad, and logo have all held up amazingly well to the saltwater, sand, concrete drops, frequent travels, and dog claws. With all of the D-rings I can attach the Hala Kayak Seat (which I own, but haven’t tried yet) as well as any gear I need for a day or an overnight+ trip on the water.

    In terms of portability, I have used the Hoss BT in a few locations around Spain and recently to a beach town in Portugal. I exclusively use the hand pump for inflation (since I’m usually not around a power source, i.e. car) and while it does take quite a few pumps to inflate (guessing ~150 pumps), I can be from “in the bag” to “in the water” in under 10 minutes. Easy.

    Keep up the great work Team Hala!

    Five Stars and High Fives from Spain – I should probably get out and paddle now!

  8. 5 out of 5


    At 10′ 10″ long and 35 inches wide, this is a scaled up version of the same shape as their Straight Up all-around board. I loved it. It’s wide enough to be stable but the rocker profile (especially in the tail, where some inflatables stay flat) makes it playful and responsive. I’m 6′ and 175 lbs, but I could imagine smaller paddlers having fatigue or general trouble with the reach to get your paddle over the side.

    Pros: Inflatable! Super easy to inflate, comes with what looks like a re-labeled version of the NRS “Super Pump” 2-stage pump AND a little 12v dc blower to get air volume into the board the lazy way. Stable, large platform (10’10” x 35″ x 6″) It’s big, so it’s really stable for a board under 11′ I also really dig how big the traction pad is. It only leaves about 2 feet at the nose without traction, and only a few inches at the tail. The tread rise in the tail is also long enough to actually be effective, vs some less expensive brands (Tower) 2″ x 5″ joke of a kick pad.
    Cons: Inflatable, so a bit less glide and a bit more buck than a traditional epoxy board, but still within acceptable range for the trade off in storage space/transport.
    Usage: Flatwater play, short touring, and downriver class I,II,III.

  9. 5 out of 5


    I’m 53 and bought the Playa for me and the Hoss BT for my husband….and I LOVE the Playa for me! While the Hoss BT is definitely more stable the Playa offers more of a challenge, is easier to maneuver, and moves along faster in the water. In the exactly 30 days I have owned the boards (as of today), I have been out 14 times and have taken and introduced the sport to 13 different people and my dog! Everyone starts off with the Hoss BT but after feeling comfortable many of them try the Playa. They also feel it is easier to maneuver and feel like they are getting a better workout because it is a little more challenging to balance. I also take my dog with me on the Playa but since he is 50 pounds, he takes up a good portion of the front and doesn’t have as much room to get comfortable. Also if he moves around much, you have to be ready to counterbalance. It makes it kind of fun and interesting though….at least for me. I think my dog prefers the Hoss BT where he can really stretch out. I have had two adults on the Playa as well. It is definitely less stable with two adults but still very doable and makes it fun as well. My teenage nieces like to lounge on it while one person stands and does all the work! I’m new to this sport and so haven’t been on very many boards to compare to but I can’t say enough about this inflatable board with unbreakable fins! So far ….while carrying it up a hill, I tripped and fell onto the board with fins down with no damage to fins, my friend actually backed her pickup truck into a bank along the Salmon River with the Playa sticking out the back resulting in dirt and mud on the board by no damage, and I have hit rocks on whitewater with NO incident. I filled it up to 14 pounds pressure the first day (max is 15)….and haven’t had to add any air since! They are 6 inches thick and very stiff. People are amazed that they are inflatable!! There are plenty of D rings for strapping stuff down and I bought the kayak seats that attach to the D rings to make kayaking more comfortable …although I haven’t used those much yet. Also I love the Hala butterknife paddles that I bought to go with it. They have paddles on both sides but still have a paddle handle which enables you to switch from paddling to kayaking instantly (which I used often during my first trip on whitewater. Any time rapids were too big or scary I plopped my butt to the board and rode it like a kayak!) They also break down into 3 pieces and adjust very easily to different lengths with minimal effort. I LOVE this board! I LOVE this sport! I just can’t get enough! I wish I had found it years ago! Now I’m excited to see which friends go out and buy there own boards!

    Pros: Everything so far….inflatable but very stiff, lots of D rings, very durable and tough, love the Playa’s bright colors, love how maneuverable it is
    Cons: No carrying straps on the front and back but I added some myself to the D rings.
    Usage: touring mainly flat water, exercise, relaxing, fun,companionship with friends, enjoying the beauty of Idaho and its breathtaking beauty in places that not everyone can access, …..and hopefully next year some more whitewater paddling

  10. 5 out of 5


    Summary: one time on the water and i was in love! it’s like a fever and i’ve caught it and i’m passing it on to everyone i know. can’t wait to paddle these Colorado mountain lakes and rivers!!!

    Pros: I love that the Hoss is inflatable and easy to pack. when the day is over and it’s time to go home, it’s super easy and quick to deflate. roll it up and slide it in the pack and you’re ready to go home.

    Cons: I have struggled a little with the hand pump. Seems hard to attach without losing all the air from the electric pump. Also, the gauge has never worked, so i can only go by feel to know if it’s inflated appropriately.

    Usage: it’s good exercise but its mainly very relaxing to me. Chillin on the water is good for the soul!

  11. 5 out of 5


    Truly the best all around board for me. I use this board primarily for multi-day float trips, whitewater and yoga, and the Hoss handles it all really well. What’s particularly great about this board is that it has lots of deck space and d-rings around the rail so I have been able to stash lots of gear. The board has been able to handle with about 50 pounds total on the board, and I’m sure I would do fine with more weight. It’s surprisingly fast for being so wide and stable.Even if you are not planning on having much weight on this board, it’s great as it’s very forgiving and agile. My local SUP Yoga classes uses the Hoss as their main yoga board, and anyone who wants something rock-solid, this board is great.

    Also, if you ever consider wanting to travel with your board, the Hala boards pack down to a check-on bag size, and they all come with a convenient rolling luggage bag. I’ve traveled on planes with the Hoss both domestically and internationally with no problems, and no extra fees. Pump, board and paddle plus some of my clothes all fit easily into the bag at under 50 pounds. It’s been so amazing to be able to take the boars with me on travel.

    Finally, something I would say for all the Hala boards I’ve used, these boards and incredibly rugged and durable. I have gotten so much usage out of mine in all kinds of conditions and I’m certain its got lots more years of use ahead of it.

  12. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Was looking at the Straight Up but the size of the Hosscaught my eye as it is a good mix for bringing friends out who have never paddled before, going for cruises where you may want to take breaks, as well as getting on some whitewater. If you are looking for a fast board it may not be your best bet but it can hold a bunch of gear for multi night tours! I’ve hit a handful of shallow rocks with this with only small scratches in the paint to show for it. Awesome board!

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