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Hala Dual Action Hand Pump with Gauge

Hala Dual Action Hand Pump with Gauge


LeverLock Adjustable, High-Strength Carbon Shaft

Hand Pump

A pump that works twice as hard for you, the Dual Action is the most efficient hand pump you can find. Use it in dual-action mode at the beginning of pump inflation to increase pressure (red clip: closed). In this phase, air is pushed through the pump and into your board whether you are pulling up or pushing down. So you get the most out of every motion. As the pressure increases, flip the red clip opened so that it is in single-action mode, making topping it off against the high pressure easy. And with a gauge built in, you’ll know exactly where your PSI sweet spot is.

  • Max Pressure: 1,9 Bar (27.5 PSI)
  • Aluminum Shaft
  • Extra Strong Inflation Hose
  • Built-in Pressure Gauge 0-2 Bar (0-29 PSI), Replaceable
  • Nylon Carry-Bag Included

**Included in all Fusion, Carbon, and Core Construction boards

Hand Pump Specs:
Volume: 1×2000 cc
Dimensions: 8 x 22 x 63 cm

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