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StompBox™ with retractable fin is an upgrade that is available on the Atcha model.

Atcha     9’6” x 36” x 6”
Whitewater / Yoga
The most stable and responsive whitewater inflatable in its category. Stability’s a given for any whitewater board, but responsiveness is where the Atcha sets itself apart. Whether upping your whitewater game, or starting out and ready to go from zero-to-hero, the Atcha stomps your favorite river run – and it LOVES yoga!

+ Full – length traction pad
+ Raised stomp pad at the tail for control
+ Reinforced stainless D-rings for rigging
+ Pointed nose
+ NEW – sporty feel and performance
+ Perfect rocker profile for agility and surfability
+ Removable 4” side bite click fins – quad set up
+ Available with a flexible, removable 4″ center fin in a standard fin box OR a retractable, removable 4″ center fin in a StompBox™
+ All Hala boards use the toughest drop stitch available


Check out the Atcha 86, which is a smaller, more playful version of the Atcha.

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Product Description

Features of the Atcha

PSI – Performance Shape Inflatable™

You want your board to perform at the highest level possible so the versatility can match your appetite for adventure. Precise rocker and shapes make the board more fun, and they take more time and money to create. We are willing to throw down for that.

Precise Sidewall Reinforcement

Our sidewalls use two PVC layers specifically manufactured for superior air holding. Unlike typical PVC tarpaulin, the specialized sidewall material features internal fibers coated in liquid PVC before incorporation with the outer PVC layer, making the layers more durable and resilient than ever before.

Click Fin Box

Now you can choose to remove your side fins, and can use any tab-style fin with this box. Click it in for flat water or surf, lock it down with grub screws for whitewater use.

StompBox™ with retractable fin (Upgrade)
The first-ever spring-loaded fin system that retracts upon contact with submerged rocks and then instantly springs back into fin operation. This innovation alleviates the dreaded “supermanning,” or flying off the board due to abrupt stops when fins strike shallow rocks.
Raised Foot Index

A central index that lets you know where your foot is on the board, and allows you to find the stringer lines for optimal control and balance.

Travel-tough Rolling Backpack

Designed in house by Hala Gear, the board bag gets a new look and improved features.
Rolling wheels make transportation easier, re-designed shoulder straps and hip belt result in more comfortable carrying of the board. Improved zipper outline make packing your board up less of a hassle.

Additional Information – Atcha

Length 9’6” | 290CM
Width 36” | 91CM
Thickness 6” | 15CM
Weight 29LB | 13KG
Volume 313L
Fins Available with a flexible, removable 4″ center fin in a standard fin box


a retractable, removable 4″ center fin in a StompBox™

Side fin: (4x) 4” flexible, removable green click fins with grub screws



The Hala Atcha is 36″ across the nose, and progressively narrows to a swallowtail, which increases stability and allows you to engage the rails while surfing. When moving downriver, you can access tons of stability in the wider nose, but still remain extremely agile: Simply slide your back foot on to the stomp pad and spin around the swallow tail!

The shorter length means that the river has less leverage on the board and you’ll have more fun surfing standing waves on your way down the river. The progressive shape means that you have a sporty yet stable SUP under your feet. It isn’t a board for winning races on a lake (though your flatwater freestyle moves will really shine)! It’s a board for playing everywhere and running rivers. Hala Atcha local river run!

+ The most progressive shape inflatable standup paddle board – built for supreme stability and maneuverability in whitewater
+ In kayaker parlance, the Hala Atcha has the stability of a creek boat with the agility of a play boat
+ The best inflatable standup paddle board for the river, surfing, and whitewater
+ The Hala Atcha loves to play on the way down the river – it is a “play boat in a world of creek boats.”
+ Super agile – weave your line down the river, and put your foot on the stomp pad to spin and surf on the swallow tail
+ 36″ of stability through the front
+ Tons of agility in the swallow tail
+ Unbreakable Quad Fin Setup
+ Whitewater SUP and Surf
+ Play SUP – The Hala Atcha is a Playboard!

6 reviews for Atcha

  1. 5 out of 5


    When you pick up the Hala Atcha, you know it’s different. First, off it’s heavy. Not in a ‘this-is-a-pain-in-the-butt-heavy,’ but in a ‘this-thing-could-take-anything-you-could-throw-at-it’ heavy. The high-quality PVC combined with the burliest drop stitch on the market is obviously made by river folk for river folk because river folk play hard. The fins are even rubberized so you can paddle your favorite shallow water runs without worrying about wrecking your keels. Wrap it around a rock, throw it in the back of a truck, leave it in the sun and it’ll keep on kicking. Second, Hala inflatable’s have river-specific rocker lines. The Atcha has rocker from tip to tail, which allows paddlers to be aggressive punching through waves and provided us a great success rate in rapids. The upturned-tail allowed us to know where our back foot was without looking, which is key when every second counts on the river. If whitewater isn’t your thing-or if you need to stretch out your rio-weary muscles-the Atcha moonlights as a great yoga board. At 36 inches wide, 6 inches thick and with a full-length deck pad, it’s a yogi’s dream. Plus, you don’t even need a rack on your car. A board for mountain couples to fight over.

  2. 5 out of 5


    The Atcha is the best board I’ve ever ridden. It is amazing in difficult whitewater. Very stable and the rocker helps punch through large holes. Its also a great board to learn how to surf river waves on!

    I also love doing SUP yoga and the Hala Atcha is a great stable platform to do yoga on!

    Love and definitely recommend getting this board!

  3. 5 out of 5


    The Atcha is my favorite Hala board. It’s versatility makes it perfect for SUP Yoga and paddling rapids. The deck pad is nice and grippy and at 36 inches wide it’s a roomy floating yoga mat. The Atcha is super stable in whitewater and speeds up the learning curve considerably with its rocker shape. The Atcha has never let me down. Love it!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Absolutely LOVE the Hala Atcha! It’s crazy how compact and stable this board is. The deck pad has such a great grip, but is still so comfy on bare feet. Not to mention that awesome flip towards the back that makes pivot turns gravy.

    Because it’s so easy to travel with, I took the ATCHA with me to Chile last October. I’m so comfortable on this board, I was doing handstands on glacial water in 50 degrees. Halas are the best out there–they got the inflatable market on lock! #halaback

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    First of all I LOVE this board!
    I started whitewater SUPing about two years ago and the HALA Atcha has dramatically improved my whitewater performance. Its shape makes the board super stable in big noisy water and yet easy to maneuver and steer around obstacles. The aggressive rocker makes it easier to punch through holes and big waves. The burly construction is key for withstanding the rigors of river paddling, and yet the board is light enough to allows efficient portaging and/or approaches. I prefer the stomp-box and removable side fins version which I have on my Atcha. This feature provides versatility for managing different river flows, water depths, and activities. When I river surf I replace the standard side fins for a pair of low-pro river fins. I recommend the HALA Atcha to anyone getting into river SUPing or wishing to step their game up to the next level.

    PS: this board is also great for those out there that like to practice Yoga on a paddleboard.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Love this board ! Last season a bunch of us were the first to SUP the Zambezi. It was here that I first got a taste of the Atcha and I absolutely fell in love. It tackled the Zambezi big water well with its rocker profile and good stable base. The ability to change fins as needed also made a big difference. The hike in and out of the gorge is also a killer and nothing but the tough survive…..including gear and the Atcha did more than just survive it. I highly recommend this board.

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