Green Click Fin and Black Click Fin

4.5″ Side Bite Click Fins



BLACK Click Fin – Click it in for flat water and surf.

GREEN Click Fin – Click it in for flat water, lock it down for whitewater.

Hala brings you the ultimate flexibility for the performance you want. Whether you are paddling shallow rocky whitewater or silky smooth flats with our new 4.5” side bite click fin.

Designed to fit 2016 and newer Hala boards which are already equipped with click fin boxes.

(GREEN Click Fins are included with the Hala Nass, Hoss, Straight Up, Playa, Atcha, Atcha 86, Peno, Luya)


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Product Description

4.5″ GREEN Side Bite Click Fins

Details: For shallow whitewater runs where you might hit lots of rocks, we recommend:

+ Use the center fin for most parts, and click in your fins for any sections you want to surf

+ Use your Click Fins™, but make sure they are well screwed in, and try to move to the front of your board when you are hitting rocks. When time comes to run the river on your Hala board, follow these easy steps to make sure your fins are secure in each of their fin boxes. This means that you should use the grub screws (click box fin screws) to lock your fins down


4.5″ BLACK Side Bite Click Fins

Details: These black fins are designed for flat water and surf only. Not intended for use in whitewater.


How to: Inserting your Click Fins™ & when to use grub screws






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