Hala ‘Atcha OCTOBER Newsletter

Please check out the newest blogs from our October Newsletter below. We hope you enjoy them.


The Last Days of Summer –


Two newlyweds spend one of the last weekend of summer at a pristine mountain lake in the Rocky Mountains.


The Age of Portability –


We are on the go because we can. Think about it, most products these days are made in single servings, or in to-go, easy rip-open consumption packaging. So why shouldn’t your play toys not come with that advantage too?


First SUP Descent of the Rio Grande –


When preparing my trips I like to plan and research, but not to the point that I know too much and lose the adventure…..  I may have taken that theory a little too far this time.


Extend your paddling season with these tips –


October typically marks the end of paddling season for many. If you’re not quite ready to put your board away yet, here are some cold weather paddling tips.

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